Green Technology evaluation, procurement, and implementation solutions

REBCON specializes in Green Technology evaluation and deployment.  Thousands of man hours annually
are spent evaluating current and the latest emerging renewable "Green" technology including Solar (PV)
and Wind Generation.  Our environment, and energy analysts address issues such as how best to evaluate
the costs of greenhouse gas mitigation, and how to incorporate environmental externalities into least-cost
energy plans. The days of large-scale energy planning efforts are over, and resource allocation decisions
are increasingly left to the market. We address questions about the viability of projects, while retaining the
'big picture' viewpoint provided by integrated tools.

Energy costs are anticipated to double within the next five years.  REBCON has the expertise to help you
design and build your new Generation facility, Office complex, Data Center, or assist you in "Greening" of
your existing space.  REBCON can show you how going Green will lower your energy consumption, lower
your carbon impact, and lower your operational costs.

Technology Procurement can reduce your IT costs, mitigate risk, and reduce the time expended by your
staff on the purchase of equipment. REBCON offers Technology Procurement services both domestically
and internationally.  We offer a comprehensive range of procurement services. Our services cover from
terms and conditions to receipt of site materials and equipment. By working closely with Finance we will
develop Terms and Conditions, prepare Request for Proposal (RFP) Packages, identify/evaluate potential
bidders, and complete the a analysis of proposals

REBCON recognises technology deployments can overburden your staff, present multiple challenges, and
disrupt business.  REBCON's methodology and team allow for collaboration and effective communication
between you, our project management staff, and our field force. REBCON also automates key
administrative tasks and migration methodology by utilizing our proprietary Process Workflow Management
Office to guarantee successful implementation of networks, hardware, and software.  REBCON relieves the
burden and cost of refocusing your IT team away from its core responsibilities, and ensures success with
our experienced teams who know how to deliver work on time, on budget. REBCON ensues consistent
delivery across multiple locations, whether local, national, or international. REBCON's support desk has
answer for all of the support requests generated in an complex IT environment. Support calls are handled
by trained REBCON employee.  This gives our customer the comfort of a single point of contact for
problem reporting, problem escalation, problem notification, and problem resolution. Our support
associates provide fast, efficient services whenever you need it.
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