Asset and Resource Planning
REBCON helps define organizational needs. We will develop and manage the complex, mission critical
projects needed to improve operational effectiveness and lower costs. Our team will help with the
development and execution monitoring of your companies long-range and annual business plans, annual
budget, and resource and project management programs. REBCON's experienced utility professionals in the
design of integrated management processes including asset and resource planning, and outage work
management. Our professionals can also assist you with change and configuration management, document
and records management, corrective action programs, plant operations, and risk management

Construction Cost Accounting
Construction cost accounting is very complex as a result of changing regulations, laws that vary by state,
and the need for surety bonding. Our experts can help public and private utilities companies negotiate these
issues, and because of our standing in the industry, help anticipate major issues that might present
financial impact. REBCON is backed by professionals with construction industry accounting and audit
experience. We have professionals who work with commercial contractors, construction industry suppliers,
and sub-contractors. We solve complex financial reporting issues, assess risk, and analyze cost controls.

Financial Forecasting and Analysis
Businesses lose money because of their failure to analyze credit risk correctly. Even if these businesses do
not have a direct financial losses, they may be receiving an inadequate return for the risks involved. Given
the increasing use of leverage by both the private and public equity markets, these issues are becoming
even more relevant than previously. REBCON knows how to analyze corporate credit risk and how to assess
an appropriate return. Our method allows you to easily understand how changes in key assumptions affect
cash flow and other key outcomes. Additionally, REBCON will assist you in analyzing multiple funding
scenarios, budget-vs.-actual statements, benchmarking against similar privately held or publicly traded
corporations, and much more.
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